Tuesday 22 May 2007

The plain truth about investment

Dan Denning in The Daily Reckoning Australia says today:

"Studies show being in the right asset class accounts for over 90% of your total return in any given investment.

--This happens to be why we are still bullish on Aussie resource stocks despite the China melt-up. Resource stocks are the right asset class to be in right now, and probably for the next 15 years. There will be dips and potholes. But if the asset class is right (and resource stocks made a 200-year low in 2000, so they are still very cheap in historic terms), then the investment maths is really simple."

That's it, unless you're a gunslinger investor and fancy your chances against people who stare at computer screens all day, all week. The world's governments can print all the money they like, but they can't print the resources that turn into things money buys. This is where most bears are bulls.

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