Sunday 20 May 2007

Unemployment - Permanent

Here's a stark view on unemployment from Jim Willie CB, "The Golden Jackass" (I've bold-typed key phrases):


"Much hubbub has been made of "comparative advantage" and how the United States benefits from round after round of creative destruction. The hollow message has that in free trade, both sides win, and where a job is lost, new jobs are created. Few if any advantages can be identified in the present framework, whereby lost jobs seem to be replaced mainly by debts inside the USA. Economists badly misinterpret the labor market here in the USA. They incorrectly label the delay in domestic job creation as "short-run friction," when the entire business cycle clearly has been altered, perhaps permanently broken. David Ricardo's doctrines, outlined in 1817, are misunderstood. The US has an absolute disadvantage on labor costs, across the board, which affects manufacturing, service, and more. His principles are discussed in today's light in the May issue, and shown why wealth is lost in the USA and gained abroad.

"As the work of John Maynard Keynes has been misapplied on federal stimulus, so now the work of David Ricardo is being misinterpreted on exported labor. Expect the entire topic of job export and its misconstrued benefits to become a raging explosive issue."

British readers might ask, how is it different in the UK? And where is the sleuth of British bears, growling their warnings?

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