Friday 25 May 2007

US poor getting poorer

Following my earlier comments on Alan Greenspan's enthusiasm for immigration, yesterday's Daily Reckoning gives Martin Hutchinson's view:

"The immigration bill brought forward and apparently likely to pass demonstrates an unattractive new political trend in the United States: the end of the classless society for which the U.S. has been famous [...] the rich really are getting richer in the US...the poor really are getting poorer [...]

The economic effect of large amounts of unskilled immigrant labour is very clear: it drives wage rates down to rock bottom levels [...] for the lower classes, it is hell...Instead of the well-paid factory jobs their fathers had, making physical products in which they could take pride, they are now reduced to competing with infinite numbers of illegal immigrants for personal service, retail and construction jobs that have not been mechanised or out-sourced.

Theoretically, they could get more education and turn themselves into brain surgeons or computer-aided designers; in practice, these possibilities merely make them mourn that they hadn't paid more attention in math class. Thus the social gulf grows ever wider."

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