Tuesday 9 August 2011

Where "should" the stock market be?

There's a flap on about market declines. I think it's because the traders are kids.

Take a look at the graph below, which shows the Dow since the end of WWII. Bearing in mind that in real terms, a thousand points on the Dow was worth more in the past than today, where do you think we ought to be, if the market was "normal", or better yet "sane"?

Adjusting for inflation (CPI-U), and looking at the Dow's progress from August 1945 to August 1980 (around when the Great Inflation really started), then extrapolating, I figure the Dow should be a shade under 3,000 points today.

The rest is, effectively, monetary bubble - which is not to say it can't continue.

INVESTMENT DISCLOSURE: None. Still in cash (and index-linked National Savings Certificates), and missing all those day-trading opportunities.

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